Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ciao to St. Pat

I can't believe it! Today, while flipping through my calendar to figure out what I was going to do for St. Patty's day here in Italy, far away from all things Irish, it was brought to my attention that it was YESTERDAY!!!! I wash shocked! How could I have missed it?!? For some reason as someone who never truly celebrated the green day, was somewhat disappointed. It's one of those days that all get together, no matter if your Irish or not and just have a good time. Like watching the river be dyed green in downtown Chicago while dodging people left and right on the way home or eating the crappy green festive cookies and desserts from Costco while throwing it all down with a nice Guinness. Yum, I think my mouth is starting to water.... Anyways, next year- promise to self....NEVER forget St. Patty's day. Regardless how much I truly care about the holiday, it's rather about spending quality time with my friends, in this case, my fellow non-Irish Italian friends.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA...well, that is what happens when you are no longer surrounded by the Irish! I wish I could have been with you. We should pick another random saint to celebrate while you are here to make up for it!

  2. I'm down and then we can do our own reenactment of dying the river green by dropping our choice of food coloring into a bath of water....
    but I think it will be quite a pathetic attempt...

  3. Since when do you like guinness....???
    Just so many things to learn....