Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Breakfast- the most important meal of the day. At least in the States it is, which is far from what I can say about how colazione is eaten here in Italy. You'll never get that nastolgic morning wiff of fresh morning eggs, sizzling cinnamon waffle batter on the griddle or golden hashbrowns being browned with onion in a skillet while walking down the cobble roads of Italy, but are rather pleasantly welcomed by fresh espresso and warm pastries and brioches fresh out of the oven (which I honestly can't complain about). I struggle with the two polar opposites since both have their advantages (both being delicious) and facing the fact that I really can't have both at once. I still have to come across a better espresso than an Italian one and I still have to come across a better plate of hash browns than those of a real American diner. What I do wish that Italians ate that we American's seem to consume more of is oatmeal.... *sigh* glorious oatmeal. It's such an important health staple that the thought of someone going a whole lifetime without a delicious spoonful of the stuff, well, makes me a bit sad. Personally speaking, and due respect to the notorious super healthy Italian diet, their breakfasts' lack imensly in the health department. It pains me to see most people start their morning on nothing less than a belly "full" of a single shot espresso and a packet of white sugar, which of course will pleastly last them until 1:30 PM pranzo. Skipping breakfast is like the biggest no-no when it comes to living and eating a health diet, but knowing Italians, there is NOTHING that will get in between their caffe' and pasta breakfast. So I guess that will just leave me, the American girl, always companion-less with my bowl of morning oats as I smell the aromas of fresh caffe' and warm brioches fresh out of the forno.


  1. Eating my oatmeal this morning and thinking of you! Love you and cannot wait to see you back in Chicago!

  2. What happened to your posts?

  3. Hi Caeli, This is Sangavi from India. I'm a new follower of your blog. Pls keep writing often and share the beauty of Italy! From moksha's comments I guess you're from Chicago. and a request is that pls don't include your italian accent words a lot, it's difficult to follow.pls
    K take dear. you've mentioned that your mom arranges flowers in your home. Mom sweet mom always right?! convey my regards to mom Caeli!

    And some day when you come to India, i will welcome you with your most favourite flowers!

    k dear. take care.
    You and your mom will be in my prayers.

    Sangavi Yogamani