Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I sit here in my apartment ready to part tomorrow for home. What do I have so far? Well for starters, an over-flowing suitcase, various contemplation piles of clothes and nothing really that important, books that I know I wont read on the plane, my passport, bottles of various amazing Italian wines and olive oil and of course my, well, lets just call them "thoughts" about flying. As much of a bitch traveling might be, I think there can be a sort of glamor and chic to it, which I love to play up. Since I DESPISE most airports with a passion, I try to make them entertaining (also because I'm alone and bored) so I play pretend. I go into the boutiques as if I have a purpose being in them, like a rich women waltzing into the Chanel boutique on Fifth Ave. Wearing the best effort of an elegant comfy outfit, I browse the shelves of perfume, designer bags, make-up and jewelry as if I could throw a couple hundred euro like that (most of the time I can't even by the 4 euro bottles of water). It's almost like playing dress-up, none of the people will ever see me again and I can just play with everything! Although sometimes I can take it a bit too far and often leave the boutique as if I bathed for an hour in pure perfume with the potential of suffocating the person next to me on my next flight. Anyways, this is just me venting my nerves because like before every flight, I always have that last minute vision of the plane exploding during take off, but truly I do in fact do this and it is fun. So next time your in JFK or better yet PARIS, i highly advise this little game to entertain yourself during your lay-over, but don't be disappointed when you realize that your life really isn't that luxurious and you will be returning to crappy apartment.

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  1. Caeli, this made me laugh out loud. I don't play pretend but I do have visions of the plane exploding on take off! I do wander around the airports thinking I'm somebody when really I am going home to live with my father! ;yipes.