Friday, February 12, 2010


I absolutely HATE being cliche, which is why it's hard for me to actually post this little food for thought with Valentine's Day just around the corner, but due to a friends situation made me realize how powerful the notion of love really is. We love our parents, our friends, our siblings, our neighbors, our teachers, our hairdresser, our lovers, anyone who's anyone that is a part of our daily life/routine. What we don't realize is if these people really know it. How often do you tell your dad that you love him or your closest friend that you've known since middle school? Obviously it might be weird to say "I love you" to your hairdresser, but I think between your-monthly visits and (hopefully) nice tip they comprehend that they are important. So no matter how busy or chaotic your life may be, take a moment to appreciate those around you, those who make you happy, those who would give anything for you to succeed, just say "I love you."

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