Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, Bessy

Some might call me an animal killer, but I can't seem to get enough of cow skin rugs! Having grandparents who gave these rugs as gifts (grandma used to wear animal print skirts until she was in her 70's!) left my parents' house decked out in every different design, shape and color of these cow skins (in fact we were known as the people with the cow rugs). Whether they were large or small, checkered, caramel, or a nice dark chocolate brown with white marble, the Bessy rugs always took guests by surprise. I wish we had a camera for all the hilarious facial expressions people made and also unfortunately a log book for all the rather idiotic comments such as, "you know you have a cow on your floor right?" "um, yes thank you, I'm quite aware". Virtually everywhere in our house from the porch to the front door, under the piano, in the living room, dining room, we had a nice soft Bessy just kickin' it and joining the party. When it was time for me to leave home and head out on my own (Chicago), I had to snag one of the beauties (of course my mom gave me the beat up one, which honestly was fine with me . . . "it's more vintage" I kept telling myself). Anyways, all of this came to my mind while I was wasting countless hours looking through Design*Sponge's billion different pages of sneak peak's (peaks into designer and artist's homes . . . amazing!) and came across the beautiful cow rugs! It made me quite nostalgic since I tried thinking of every way possible to bring mine here to Italy, and unfortunately attempting to hunt one down in the middle of the night just to make my house pretty isn't an option. So, again, before judging, take a second to look at how nicely cow rugs accompany a room by bringing a certain dynamic in such a subtle way, a hell of a little better I must say than any left over piece of crappy carpet could.

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