Monday, February 8, 2010

Scrap booking

Call me an old lady, but I have to say, scrap booking kicks ass! Yeah, I might be doing it because I have quite a bit of down time right now, but I remember even in my most hectic of times, my best friend Jules and I would look forward to sitting down and work in our books. It's surprisingly therapeutic, exercising your mind and thoughts while being creative at the same time. Not only is it fun to create these journals or books, but really half the fun is hunting for unique books to use, like this one from Anthropologie. They don't (and honestly shouldn't) be like those over-sized one's that you always need a ladder to retrieve and spread out across a whole kitchen table to show to people. The point is to have these journals for your own keep-sake and not necessarily to display to the whole world, but at the same time have out for display looking nice and pretty. So try it out, you'll be pleasantly surprised the tranquility it will bring you.

1 comment:

  1. This brings a tear to my eye..such fabulous therapy, but just is not the same with out you and our mugs together...