Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cupcakes....Why they only exist in the States (or why I'm not capable)

After aimlessly wondering around Italian supermarkets looking for baking powder and baking soda and then attempting (and failing) to bake bread, brownies and everything in between, I've realized that some sweets are just meant to be made in the country of origin. Although that doesn't mean that they can't be attempted (because any sweet is still good if it's made with a little bit of love) the end result however just won't be same. For the past two hours I spent trying to make a lovely butter-cream frosting for my trial cupcakes for Marcello's birthday this upcoming week, but in the end I ended up with a grainy, non-fluffy bowl of gew....yum! Of course this probably has to do with the fact that we were making everything by hand and not with a handy-dandy beater. But the nature of it all was also off, in the end it was evident that they are not an Italian specialty. However same goes to eating any Italian sweet in the States. From cannoli to gelato, most American attempts leave me disappointed (but that doesn't mean that close competitors aren't out there...because they are!) I guess in the end, this just means that I need to be a better baker, or rather try to bake according to my surroundings.

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  1. Well lets say that...with the right ingredients...I'm sure that you would of been able to do a perfect frosting....also because the cake of the cupcake is delicious...
    But anyways I appreciate your effort my love.