Monday, January 18, 2010

Sniff Water?

Sniffling last night while watching Broken Embrases (which I highly recommend) I yearned for a big tub of Vick's Vapor Rub to slather all over my chest to release my sinus' from the nasty mucus that seamed to continuously spew out of my nose. Marcello, thanks to being raised by an Aunt who lives her life by memory, whether it be food recipes, beauty or health remedies and napolitan "sayings", he told me to sniff (yes sniff) salt water up my nose. Since 3/4 of the peninsula is surrounded by water, many times Italians who live by the sea go to the shore (or at least close enough) in order to breath in the salt water-air which naturally clears up their sinuses. After giving him the "are you out of your frickin' mind" glare, I found the courage to try it out. After a few repeated sniffs of the salt water, I went to bed pissed off and in uncomfortable of what I just literally inhaled. I mean who would voluntarily sniff water, nonetheless salt water? It ruins everyone's lovely day of swimming, doesn't it? Like I said, I was pissed off in bed and realized that my nose was not running anymore and that I was actually breathing laying down! With my tail under my ass for being well, a not so pleasant girlfriend while my caring boyfriend was helping me cure my waterfall of a nose, I felt bad; yet, more happy that this home remedy worked. I do have to give credit to my mother for always curing us kids with at home remedies (rather than pumping us up with drugs) such as gargling salt water for a soar throat and using the Aloe plant for any cut and scrape, but the notion of sniffing salt water up my nose was just never in the deck of cards. For another at home-napolitan remedy, here's one for curing a soar throat:

Boil hot water, honey, a piece of pear and a piece of lemon together for about five minutes, then at the end add a splash of whisky. Let the water concoction cool down a bit and then drink the water and "enjoy." (It cures a soar throat not please the palate)

Hope these two little tips help the next time you're sick.

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