Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sunday's are probably my favorite day of the week. When home in Minneapolis there is nothing more that I enjoy than getting up, watching Sunday Morning with my parents next to the fire with a mug of coffee in hand and a lovely plate of fruit before me, that's about it. Probably change in to more "appropriate" clothing at some point during the day (3PM) which consists of nothing more than a different pair of spandex and a more fitted sweatshirt (that being one of my many American Apparel hoodies). Same thing here in Italy (besides the fire): un' caffe' (at the bar of course) and rather than the Sunday Morning show, the various soccer games that unfortunately don't interest me that much, but rather give me the opportunity to relax and watch a movie, work on my knitting, or bake. Since being in Italy I've become accustomed to the cultural concept of relaxing on Sunday's, almost as if one's life has been paused from saturday night to monday morning. It's important to take at least one day to just relax, no matter how busy or board I am in my life and surround myself or at least speak to my loved ones. A day from running and exercising, cleaning, worrying, tutto (all of it), and take the one day for me, myself and I (that also includes my honey). I mean if not even the grocery store is open, than why even bother leaving the house, right?

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