Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wet Hair?

How many times can you remember leaving your house late as hell with dripping wet hair, clothes barely on, soap residue flaking off your skin, and much later realizing that you have a white crusted mustache of toothpaste nicely outlining your lips? For me, quiet a few times, but once coming to Italy NEVER in a million years! Two years ago my house mom brought to my attention the "hazard" of walking outside the house with wet hair and how for sure I would get sick. Making me feel like the size of a frickin' mouse she literally made me go into the bathroom with a blow-dryer not permitting me to leave until my hair was perfectly dry. Annoyed as ever, I did as I was told and never made the "mistake" again. Still do this day, I never leave the house with my hair wet, nor with toothpaste crusties, but rather I've learned that a well-groomed presence says a lot. Italians have a grace and an elegance that unfortunately you don't see that often in the States, unless you're on Fifth Avenue in NYC or in the ritzy neighborhoods of any big city. It's a quality of the Italian way of life that I've learned to appreciate. It's an enjoyment that the people have amongst themselves. What are people wearing? Did you see her new hat? Or her new shoes? It's pure entertainment and I LOVE IT! Sunday evenings are like the town's fashion show where everyone goes out for a few hours, always wearing their best, NEVER looking just mediocre. It's a great self-esteem drill to practice, walking around like you're worth a million bucks and fabulous. Just a few words to the wise: never walk around with wet hair.

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