Sunday, January 17, 2010

Una Storia Semplice

One could say that over this past six months my life has made a 180 degree shift. Parting from the squeaky "L" running outside my Chicago apartment window and listening to drunken Wrigleyville "Chads" or "Hags" leaving the bars at 4 AM to bicycle infested cobble stone Italian roads and overlapping Church bells ringing in the distance has left my brain in a complete blunder not knowing how to place my two worlds together. Loving both dearly and having to always avoid the question: Which do I like better? I've rather filtered from the two worlds everything that I enjoy and place them into my life...How nice :) Although, I do have to say it's much easier said than done. Adapting to a culture other than one's own is difficult, plain and simple. Not only learning the language, but learning different daily customs, ways of acting, eating, dressing and simple life-long principles can leave one to a state of running for the hills (which I have already contemplated doing). Now, thanks to my lovely hunny Marcello (or should I say Maestro) I have adapted well enough to and feel comfortable in the Italian world. Which is why I have started to write this blog. As a proud American girl from the Mid-west, there are customs that I have and will never be able to shed; such as making cupcakes, wearing my American Apparel hoodies and gold tennis shoes, being incredibly obsessed with Top Chef and playing Mariah Carey on repeat on my iTunes. However, a part from my "American" genes, I've been able to adapt to the Italian culture, learning and adapting to their customs and ways of doing well, about everything. Through each educational experience that I've had, there has never been someone next to me with whom I could say "huh, that makes so much more sense," and instead have to hope that I remember it until the next time I Skype someone (which is always a failure). Rather now with this blog, I can share everything with everyone whenever I want. The world is too large for people to be fixed on just one way of doing things and living life. It's important to understand and know other cultures perceptions on life and death, how they spend their Christmas, or further more, how they take a simple break during the day. So now, from Italy, I pass it all on. Enjoy!

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